26 February 2024

AKTUELLES 03 | Editorial 06 | Filmnews 16 | Comics: Outlaws 18 | Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire 38 | Animationskult GAMING 10 | Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League 14 | Skull & Bones SERVICE 98 | Impressum/Vorschau BLU-RAY-TESTS 22 | Blockbuster Saw X, The Creator, The Equalizer 3, A Haunting In Venice, The Expendables 4 30| Anspruch My Blueberry Nights, Wild wie das Meer, Belle Epoque 33| Komödie The Color Of Magic, Asteroid City, Rehragout Rendezvous, Enkel für Fortgeschrittene, Tiny Little Wedding, Joy Ride, Fisherman’s Friends 2, River – The Timeloop Hotel 38 | Animation Paw Patrol Der Mighty Kinofilm, Blue Lock (Vol. 1), Giant Beasts Of Ars (Vol. 1), Digimon Tamers, Call Of The Night (Vol. 2), Penguin- drum (Vol. 1) 45 | Thriller The Most Dangerous Game, Black Warrant, 578 Magnum, God Is A Bullet, Speak No Evil, Rise Of The Footsoldier: Vengeance, The Hyperions, The Childe, On Fire, Kandahar, A Man Of Reason, Die Faust des Condors, Mercy Falls, Rebel, Apocalypse, Catch The Killer, T. I. M., A Tale Of Two Guns, Drift, The Roundup: No Way Out 63 | Horror The Creeping, Das 13. Zeichen, There’s Something In The Barn, Pearl, The Boogeyman: Origins, La Exorcista, Godless, Der Exorzist: Bekenntnis, Talk To Me, Five Nights At Freddy’s, It’s A Wonderful Knife, Megalodon: The Frenzy, Paranoia, Good Night Hell 77 | Retro Der Teufelskerl, Harry & Sally, Deep Star Six, Dressed To Kill, Nachtfalken, Der Krieger und die Hexe 80 | UHD Renfield, The Moon, Peeping Tom, Freelance, The Mandalorian (Staffel 1), The Mandalorian (Staffel 2), Dog Soldiers, Sharknado, Raumpatrouille Orion, Loki (Staffel 1), Die Geistervilla, Dragon Ball Super Superhero, Zeit der Zärtlichkeit, Die Geister, die ich rief, Titanic, Rio Bravo, Die nackte Kanone, Die Farbe Lila, Jenseits von Eden, Prey, Die Körperfresser kommen, Ronin, Der letzte Kaiser, Indiana Jones und das Rad des Schicksals, Retribution, Sicario 1 & 2

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