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spielbox (english)

spielbox (english)

Bei Readly kannst du spielbox (english) und 5.000 weitere Magazine auf deinem Smartphone und Tablet lesen. Alle Magazine sind im Preis von 9,99€ pro Monat inklusive. Eine Kündigung ist jederzeit möglich.

Über spielbox (english)

"spielbox®" is the leading gamemagazine in the world. Since 1981 it delivers information on the world of board and card games seven times a year. The central part of each issue are detailed reviews by well-known game experts which serve the players as orientation for their shopping choices. Since March 2010 spielbox is published also in English. The English edition is available approx. 14 days after every German edition (for further information: Since 2003 our spielbox special is distributed for free among the visitors at each SPIEL in Essen during all 4 days. As an important feature it includes the checklist (yellow pages) with booth numbers, a hall plan and more information on new games.

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