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Hen Magazine

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Hen Magazine is an irreverent lifestyle magazine for men and women. This edition features established household names including Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken - as shot by celebrity snapper Martin Schoeller - alongside an exclusive interview with the up-and-coming Danish synth-pop singer MØ. Underground street-style is also in focus in this edition, with illustrations highlighting what's hot this spring in Williamsburg, NYC and watercolors depicting the world's best vintage stores. Elsewhere, Hen Magazine travels to the mysterious and controversial North Korea... so you don't have to. Plus, a 29-year-old Swedish dominatrix describes why her clients are begging to go under the whip. If that wasn't enough, this edition also features the world's first F*ck It list as well as exclusive interviews with two of rock 'n' roll's hardest workers: Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro and Slash of GNR fame. Although published in Sweden, Hen Magazine is written in English with an international audience in mind. It is a quarterly publication produced by a global team of upstarts dotted around the globe.
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