What Doctors Don't Tell You

What Doctors Don't Tell You

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Über What Doctors Don't Tell You:
What Doctors Don’t Tell You is a monthly magazine which publishes the latest healthcare news, alongside information on complimentary therapies and alternative medicines, with a host of features and stories written by leading experts and our highly-respected regular contributors. WDDTY began as a newsletter, with the first issue being published at the end of 1989 by best-selling author Lynne McTaggart and her husband, former Financial Times journalist Bryan Hubbard. Since then, it has gone from strength-to-strength thanks to our ever-growing number of passionate fans, and is now the largest magazine of its kind in the UK, sold in 14 countries worldwide. We aim to bring our readers world-leading research and ground-breaking news. Our hallmark has always been in-depth research, and hard-won information of a quality that can change lives for the better. It's been cited in law courts, it's been used to encourage doctors to change their treatments, and our filing cabinets are full of testimonials from thousands of people whose lives have been helped by our information.
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