Real Crime

Real Crime

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Verlag: Future Publishing Limited    Kategorien: Geschichte Lifestyle
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Über Real Crime:
Gruesome accounts of true crimes have inspired the latest must-see detective shows and dramas, nail-biting thrillers and knuckle-whitening horror movies; in the process captivating a whole new audience. Real Crime magazine explores the shocking world of serial killers, organised crime, unsolved mysteries and daring heists in unrivalled detail. Treated with the high-quality touch you’d expect from a hit TV show, every issue comes packed with amazing photography and illustration, sensational first-hand accounts and gripping storytelling from some of the world’s best known – and bestselling – true crime writers. Every issue of Real Crime reveals the untold stories behind the world's most gripping cases, the breathtaking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice.
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