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Classic Rock

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Since its inception in 1998, the British CLASSIC ROCK magazine has stood for quality music journalism with attention to detail and a passion for riffs. A concept that has been conquering the German market with its licenced German-language edition since 2010. The magazine focuses on a target audience of rock fans over 30 who have closely followed this music for many years and appreciate a premium, informative and innovative specialist title. A highly respected, extensive review section is complemented by a free bonus CD featuring tracks from every issue‘s top artists and fascinating interviews that show readers new facets of established artists. These artist portraits are a main focal point of CLASSIC ROCK, allowing high-profile stars to shed new light on their past and recount histo- ric events from their perspective. While news pages and concert reviews are tailored to the German-language market, CLASSIC ROCK is proud of its global scope, featuring not only German authors, but British and American ones as well. The perfect way to approach the wide world of rock in truly international style.
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