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Esquire - UK

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Esquire – Britain’s Most Stylish, Sophisticated and Substantial multi-platform men’s magazine brand. Esquire is both a practical and authoritative guide to getting the best out of life, as well as a sharp, funny and entertaining read for educated, intelligent, ambitious and adventurous British men – predominantly 25-45 – who are interested in culture, sport, cars, girls, gadgets, fashion, food, humour, current affairs, travel, technology, going out and staying in. In an increasingly fast moving world, where choice is abundant and at times bewildering, and time is severely limited, Esquire in all its incarnations – print and digital – offers direct, definitive and rigorously edited advice to men on what to buy, wear, watch, read, listen to, eat, drink and do. In addition to its unrivalled expertise in all areas of men’s lifestyle, Esquire is defined and distinguished by its wit. It supplies incisive, irreverent and muscular journalism by Britain’s best-known and most respected writers, including regular contributors Will Self, AA Gill, Giles Coren and many more familiar to Esquire’s audience from the broadsheet newspapers and upmarket broadcasters. Also part of the Esquire portfolio – our bi-annual Style and Fashion Magazine, The Big Black Book, and the free weekly e-newsletter, Esquire Weekly.
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